Thursday, June 4, 2020

Book Review with a Giveaway: Made in Hollywood by Michelle Keener

About the Book

Book: Made in Hollywood
Author: Michelle Keener
Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 10, 2020

When a pastor’s son saves her life, can a prodigal daughter dare to believe in second chances?

Noah Shaw is almost thirty and he still doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up. Torn between running his business as a limo driver for Hollywood’s elite, and feeling called to ministry, he prays for direction. But he never expects that direction to include finding a woman near-death on the front steps of his father’s church.

Hannah left her family and her faith when she moved to Hollywood looking for adventure. Instead of finding fame in the movies, she was lured into the life of an exotic dancer. Hopeless and ashamed, suicide seems like her only escape. Until the night Noah saves her life.

The Shaw family welcomes her into their home and gives her a chance to start over. When the shadows of her former life threaten to expose her past, she must choose between running away or fighting for the new life she’s built and the man she’s grown to love.

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My Review

I was so excited to read this book, because I adored Mission Hollywood, the first book of the Red Carpet Romance series.  Made in Hollywood did not disappoint.  I loved knowing the history of the Shaw family as I read, but this book could be read as a stand-alone.

The plot of this book really emphasizes the way the Shaw family operates-they love unconditionally, as Jesus loves.  Each member of the family demonstrated that principle.

Hannah's story was so much more that a prodigal daughter account.  It was a beautiful story of redemption-how God brings beauty from ashes, and how God never leaves us and is always working things out for our good, especially when we are not aware.

I loved the interactions between characters, especially between brother and sister.  I also appreciated the real struggles that the characters were going through, and that they were committed to doing the right thing.

Although this novel is set in Hollywood, it's not about movie stars and fame this time.  This one is about the darkness amidst the bright lights.  Christian romance and women's fiction readers will definitely enjoy this book.

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher, Ambassador International, through Celebrate Lit, for review purposes.  The thoughts expressed here are my own.

About the Author

Michelle Keener is a wife, mom, and the author of five books. She lives in Southern California with her retired Marine husband, their two children, and one spoiled dog. When she isn’t writing, she is busy homeschooling, teaching creative writing workshops, or baking something involving chocolate.

More from Michelle

The Story of a Prodigal Daughter

Made in Hollywood is the sequel to my first Christian romance novel Mission Hollywood. It’s the story of Lily’s brother Noah and his search for love and direction. In the book, Noah meets a young girl who has been through some truly dark and terrible places. She’s been wounded, abused, and she’s lost hope. She’s worried that her past is too much for God to forgive, and that she’s fallen too far and doesn’t deserve God’s grace. She is a prodigal daughter lost on the streets of Hollywood.

One of the reasons I wrote Made in Hollywood (aside from the fact that I just adore Noah) is to be a reminder that God never gives up on us. Just like the story of the Prodigal Son, if we turn back to God, He will run to us and bring us home.

There is no place so dark that God's light can’t reach.

There is no sin, no mistake, no circumstance that can separate us from the love of God. His arms are always open to us. His love is unchanging, unending, and unfailing. His amazing grace reaches the lost and restores what was broken. His love binds our wounds and heals our past. What the enemy intended for evil, God will turn to good. It’s a truth Hannah had to learn. It’s a truth I had to learn. And it’s a truth God wants His people to share. God’s love never fails.

I hope you enjoy Made in Hollywood!

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  1. This book sounds like a really good read.

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  4. Congrats on this tour and thank for the opportunity to read about another great book out there to read. It helps out so I can find books I know my family will enjoy reading. Thanks as well for the giveaway.