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Book Review with a Giveaway: Flight Risk by Cara Putnam

About the Book

Book: Flight Risk
Author: Cara Putman
Genre: Romantic Legal Suspense
Release Date: April 7, 2020

Bestselling author Cara Putman returns with a romantic legal thriller that will challenge the assumptions of truth tellers everywhere.

Savannah Daniels has worked hard to build her law practice, to surround herself with good friends, and to be the loyal aunt her troubled niece can always count on. But since her ex-husband’s betrayal, she has trouble trusting anyone.

Jett Glover’s father committed suicide over a false newspaper report that ruined his reputation. Now a fierce champion of truth, Jett is writing the story of his journalism career—an international sex-trafficking exposĂ© that will bring down a celebrity baseball player and the men closest to him, including Savannah’s ex-husband.

When Jett’s story breaks, tragedy ensues. Then a commercial airline crashes, and one of Savannah’s clients is implicated in the crash. Men connected to the scandal, including her ex, begin to die amid mysterious circumstances, and Savannah’s niece becomes an unwitting target.

Against their better instincts, Jett and Savannah join ranks to sort the facts from fiction. But can Savannah trust the reporter who threw her life into chaos? And can Jett face the possibility that he’s made the biggest mistake of his life?

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My Review

With its easily-read style, depth of characters, and clues to be untangled, Flight Risk is a romantic legal thriller that will enthrall readers.  The book was intense, with plenty of surprises, but not creepy.  The author also accurately depicted the DC-area setting.

I really loved the depth of characterization in this book.  Savannah is a competent attorney who runs her own law firm.  She has had to be tough and rely on herself since her divorce.  But she is compassionate, and fiercely protective of her niece.  She has managed to graciously deal with awkward relationships, and this shows great character on her part.  Jett Glover (did his parents know he would be a journalist when they named him?) has turned his tragic past into pursuit of truth.  He is fair and kind.  As Jett's story and Savannah's intersect, they find that working together helps them both find the answers they are looking for.

Readers who like mystery, suspense, and legal thrillers will enjoy this book.

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher, Thomas Nelson, through Celebrate Lit, for review purposes.  The thoughts expressed here are my own.

About the Author

Since the time she could read Nancy Drew, Cara has wanted to write mysteries. In 2005 she attended a book signing at her local Christian bookstore. The rest, as they say, was history. There she met a fellow Indiana writer Colleen Coble. With prompting from her husband, Cara shared her dream with Colleen. Since those infamous words, Cara’s been writing award-winning books. She is currently writing book 33 and dreaming up future books, not hard when she sees what-ifs everywhere.

Cara Putman is an active member of ACFW and gives back to the writing community through her service on Executive Board. She has also been the Indiana ACFW chapter president and served as the Area Coordinator for Indiana.

Cara is also an attorney, full-time lecturer at a Big Ten university, active in women’s ministry, and all around crazy woman. Crazy about God, her husband and her kids that is. She graduated with honors from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Go Huskers!), George Mason Law School, and Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management. You can learn more about Cara at

Learn more about Flight Risk and Cara Putman here!

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Book review with a giveaway: Eden by Brennan McPherson

About the Book

Book: Eden
Author: Brennan S. McPherson
Genre: Biblical Fiction
Release Date: April 1, 2020

“You want me to tell of how I broke the world.”

It’s the year 641 since the beginning of the world, and when Eve passes away, she leaves Adam the only man on earth who remembers everything from the beginning of the world.

When Enoch, God’s newly appointed prophet, decides to collect the stories of the faithful from previous generations, he finds Adam in desperate need to confess the dark secrets he’s held onto for too long.

Beside a slowly burning bonfire in the dead of night, Adam tells his story in searing detail. From the beginning of everything, to how he broke the world, shattered Eve’s heart, and watched his family crumble.

Will Enoch uncover what led so many of Adam’s children away from God? And will Adam find the redemption and forgiveness he longs for?

Click here for your copy.

My Review

Author Brennan S. McPherson has written a compelling tale of the world's first family-Adam, Eve, and their children.  This Biblical fiction story gives the reader much to ponder.

One thing that was evident was t he contrasts.  When Adam and Eve were in Eden, the tone of the story was happy, joyous, and full of wonder.  Once they were cast out, the pace slowed and the reader could feel the heaviness in the text.  There was such a contrast between the joy that one had in the presence of the Father versus the distress, harshness, despair, and discord when left to one's own devices.

It was amazing how difficult Adam and Eve's lives were on the outside.  It took such hard work just to survive, there wasn't much time left for comfort or happiness.  A huge realization was the powerful hold that sin had on people, in spite of having spent time in God's presence.  But as a sinner myself, I could relate to the discontent, the blaming, and the selfishness.  Thank God for His mercies!

I appreciated that this was a quick read.  There will be times when the reader is presented with situations that are not expected, based on the the author's imagination and interpretation of Scripture.  But Biblical fiction readers will enjoy this book and its accompanying food for thought.

I received an ARC of this book from the author, through Celebrate Lit, for review purposes.  The thoughts expressed here are my own.

About the Author

BRENNAN S. MCPHERSON writes epic, imaginative biblical fiction with heart-pounding plots and lyrical prose, for readers who like to think biblically and feel deeply. He lives with his wife and young daughter in the Midwest, and spends as much of his spare time with them as possible.

Read an Exclusive Excerpt

In my beginning was not darkness, but Light.

As I opened my eyes for the first time, I saw dust motes swirling around five bright points. I reached for them and realized the dust was not blowing past me but instead settling across the complex shapes in my arms.

Distracted, I twisted my wrist, seeing muscle, tendon, bone, and a partial layer of skin. Clenching my fingers one by one, I saw the movement in my joints.

Fascinated, I watched as a swathe of dust poured over me like a sheet of silk and morphed into smooth, brown flesh. I ran my fingers across my new skin, and when the sound of shifting sand settled, noticed what sounded like gentle Music riding on the breath that flowed into me.

I inhaled.


Inhaled again.

“Adam,” I said, for I had heard that name—my name—in the Music.

I realized that my Father was singing over me, and in his singing, he had given me life and form, and had named me Adam.

He smiled at me, with those dark brown eyes, and let soft melodies fall from his tongue as I lay on my back.

He lifted me from the mud and burned the remaining dust from my skin with the heat of his presence. But he did not hurt me as a natural flame might. Instead, he filled and cleansed me. And the joy of him filled me with an insatiable desire to experience everything around me, to understand the world he had sung into existence.

I’ve never since felt so whole as I did with him in Eden. Because inside me was nothing that did not belong. Only him, and the breath he gave, and the Music he sang, and the smells of Eden, and the touch of his Light, and the taste of his name on my lips as I spoke for the second time. “Father.” I smiled and laughed.

He stood magnificent, warm, compassionate. The image of the invisible condensed in a life foreknown before the foundations of the world were formed.

I felt his pride over me and laughed again, only now with tears.

My first moments were not like those of a newborn child come from a womb. Instead, they were of a child gone into the womb. Swaddled in the Light of God. Cocooned in his satisfaction.

I was Adam. Man fully formed. Reflection of perfection.

In joy, I fell to my hands and knees and bowed my forehead to the ground. Tears flowed to the soil I’d been formed from. How great! How wonderful this being was who had made me for himself, and who so unendingly satisfied me. Nothing I’ve experienced in my long years could ever make me forget it. That sense of purpose. Of everything being right.

Ah, yes. I see wonder on your face, Enoch, at how tears could be present in a world yet unbroken by sin.

Have you never wondered why the kiss of a lover can bring tears to our eyes? It is because some goods are so great that they must be given vent. For not all tears spring from sorrow. And not all aches are unwanted.

Yet still, my Father lifted me and wiped my cheeks. Then he led me across hills and valleys, puddles and rivers. He pointed at plants and skittering animals and insects, and it seemed as though I could hear the echo of his melodies in their movements.

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Book Review With a Giveaway: Hope in the Mountain River by Misty M. Beller

About the Book

Book: Hope in the Mountain River
Author: Misty M. Beller
Genre: Christian Historical Romance
Release Date: March 31, 2020

This epic journey is not at all what she expected.

Joel Vargas can’t believe he’s lost his older brother in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains after surviving their harrowing voyage across the Atlantic. And he can’t shake the feeling that Adam—his only living relative—is in dire trouble. No matter what the cost, he and his band of friends won’t stop until Adam is found. He doesn’t have time to contend with the two Indian women who seem to be shadowing his every move.

After the devastating loss of her daughter and husband to a grizzly attack, Elan is desperate to find an escape from her grief. As she and her friend journey through the mountains toward the great river, a band of white men is the last thing she expects to find, especially as winter blows in full force.

When the dangers increase, accomplishing Joel’s mission becomes the only hope for all their survival. If the elements don’t consume them, Elan has a feeling life will never be the same for any of them.

From a USA Today bestselling author comes another epic journey through breathless landscapes and intense adventure.

Click here to get your copy.

My Review

Montana mountains in the winter of 1830.  Traveling by horseback.  Threats of hostile Indians.  Those dangers and more, plus the relationships between the characters, made for a great read!

Hope in the Mountain River  is the second book of the Call of the Rockies series, and although there was a shared history among some of the characters, this book read well as a stand-alone.  It ended in a way that really made me want to read the following book to find out what happens next!

One thing I loved was the bond between the characters.  They knew each other well, and appreciated each other so much.  Their bonds came, obviously,from plenty of shared experiences.

This book was 175 pages long.  For a self-published novel of this length, I was very happy with the quality of writing.  I recommend this book to readers of historical romance.  Readers with an interest in Native American culture and Appaloosa horses will especially appreciate this book.

I received an ARC of this book from the author, through Celebrate Lit, for review purposes.  The thoughts expressed here are my own.

About the Author

Misty M. Beller is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic mountain stories, set on the 1800s frontier and woven with the truth of God’s love.

She was raised on a farm in South Carolina, so her Southern roots run deep. Growing up, her family was close, and they continue to keep that priority today. Her husband and children now add another dimension to her life, keeping her both grounded and crazy.

God has placed a desire in Misty’s heart to combine her love for Christian fiction and the simpler ranch life, writing historical novels that display God’s abundant love through the twists and turns in the lives of her characters.

More from Misty

I’ve always been a horse lover, and was blessed to grow up on a farm. My brother and I each had ponies of our own and rode hours each day. When we were old enough to graduate to full-size horses, we met neighbors who also had horses and loved to ride together. The two mares they rode had a mottled black and white spotted look, which I knew to be part of the Appaloosa breed. Through hours of riding together, I developed a deep appreciation for those two Appaloosa horses, as well as respect for the entire breed! Those two mares proved they could outrun and outlast any of the other horses in our riding group.

I’ve long wanted to include Appaloosas in one of my stories, especially since the breed was said to have begun in the Nez Perce tribe who lived just west of the Rocky Mountains. I’m so excited for you to meet Elan, the heroine in Hope in the Mountain River!

Elan and her friend are traveling through the Rockies on their Appaloosa horses, animals who can ride faster and longer than all the other horses in their group—even through the treacherous terrain of the Rocky Mountains!

I pray you love this story as much as I loved writing it. Enjoy a glimpse of the famous Appaloosa horse!

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To celebrate her tour, Misty is giving away the grand prize of a $50 Amazon Gift Card!!

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Book Review: Mama Kisses, Papa Hugs by Lisa Tawn Bergren

About the Book

From the creator of the best-selling God Gave Us You comes a warm exploration of the ways parents show affection--and how it mirrors God's affection for his followers.

Parents are always looking out for the perfect bedtime book to create a sense of well-being before a night of rest. Mama Kisses, Papa Hugs explores a child's curiosity about how love is shown between parent and child, with the reassurance that Mama and Papa will always love their little one. And like Lisa Tawn Bergren's young protagonist asks his mother, this question is pressing on the minds of many children:

"Mama, how does God kiss us?"

Mama smiled. "He kisses us a hundred times a day; although if you don't pay attention, you might miss it."

"At night he kisses us with a shooting star. In the morning, he kisses us with sunlight, crawling across the fields and into our windows. On a hot summer afternoon, he kisses us with a gentle breeze. But most of all, he kisses us through our family. That's how God made us. That's why I give you Mama kisses."

This book is available here.

My Review

Mama Kisses, Papa Hugs is a sweet story that is perfect for bedtime!  It demonstrates how important affection is in families, and how God uses that affection to show His love for us.  The picture book  uses animal families as fun examples.  I especially appreciated the close relationship between parents and child that was exhibited throughout the story.

The illustrations were just right:  somewhat cartoon-y, yet realistic enough, especially with the animal families.   And while the illustrations were colorful, they were not too bright, which helped promote the bedtime theme.

This is a beautiful picture book that I recommend to young families.  It is one to add to your family library, because children will want to hear this story and lose themselves in the pictures over and over again.

I received an ARC excerpt of this book from the publisher, Waterbrook, for review purposes.  The thoughts expressed here are my own.

About the Author

Lisa Tawn Bergren is the best-selling author of over fifty novels, children's books, and nonfiction books. Lisa and her husband Tim reside in Colorado with their three big kids and a white, fluffy dog named Talisker Beatrice.

You can find out more about Lisa & stay up to date by following her...
On the Web:
On Facebook: Lisa Tawn Bergren; River of Time Series
On Twitter: LisaTBergren

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Book Review with a Giveaway: Draw Me to Your Side by Marguerite Martin Gray

About the Book

Book: Draw Me To Your Side
Author: Marguerite Martin Gray
Genre: Christian Historical Romance
Release Date: February 25, 2020

Warships in the harbor explode with battle cries for freedom in the hearts of Charles Town’s Patriots.

Charles Town, South Carolina, 1776—With the British war ships threatening his family and livelihood, Louis Lestarjette commits to aid Francis Marion, Christopher Gadsden, Silas Deane and other fiery Patriots with secret correspondences in code and in French. Although not convinced that the colonies can succeed in separation from Britain, he abides by his word—available with funds, his time, and if necessary, even his life.

Louis’ potential volatile role leaves Elizabeth Lestarjette uncertain of the future. Add to that her impending confinement, the secret missions her friends embark on, and the ever-encroaching danger into her domestic world, and the cost of independence grows steeper with each passing day. How will her family survive the coming turbulence? How will she survive not being an active part of it? One thing is certain, she must draw to God’s side or lose heart altogether.

Draw Me to Your Side… a prayer whispered against the coming destruction.

Click here to get your copy.

My Review

Draw Me To Your Side is the fourth book in the Revolutionary Faith series.  While it does read well as a stand-alone, I have enjoyed getting to know these characters and following their story through the previous books in the series.  

Louis and Elizabeth are both dedicated to the cause of freedom from England's rule.  They have demonstrated this through their words and actions.  However, as the war looms closer and closer, their commitment to the cause must be reaffirmed.  Louis wants a world free from the tyranny and oppression for his family.  Elizabeth, a mother of a one-year old, with another on the way, fears for the safety and well-being of her family and friends.  The author really delved into the thoughts that these characters were pondering.  It is one thing to declare your allegiance to the cause of freedom when war is still far away.  It is another thing to remain true to the cause and stay the course and do the right thing when the danger is immediate, and these characters did just that.  They also verbalized their commitment to the Lord and their dependence on Him, which was very encouraging.

I think that this book is the best-written of the books I have read by this author, and the cover was beautiful.

Historical romance readers and those with a special interest in the Revolutionary War will certainly enjoy this book.

I received an ARC of this book from the author, through Celebrate Lit, for review purposes.  The thoughts expressed here are my own.

About the Author

Marguerite Martin Gray enjoys history especially when combined with fiction. An avid traveler and reader, she teaches Spanish and French and has degrees in Spanish, French, and Journalism from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. She received her MA in English from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. Presently, she lives in north Louisiana with her husband and rescue cats.

More from Marguerite

I have always loved history, probably because my father took me to every historical site he could find on our travels. As I listened to him tell the story of our ancestors to a group of tourists at our Antebellum home, I suddenly realized that he was weaving tales about my own blood line. Very soon after that I flew to Charleston, South Carolina and began my research. From that first of many trips, my Revolutionary Faith Series arrived.

Draw Me to Your Side is Book Four of the series. The titles play a very significant role in the series, each having a dual meaning. The human element is obvious. Although the series is more historical than romance, the titles offer a glimpse into a potential romance. The other element is spiritual. God is the one who weaves his love and hope into their lives.

If you love book titles as I do, as you read this series, see if you can determine the dual meanings of Hold Me Close, Surround Me, Bring Me Near, and now Draw Me to Your Side.

Happy Reading!
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Book Review with a Giveaway: The Blue Cloak by Shannon McNear

About the Book

Book: The Blue Cloak
Author: Shannon McNear
Genre: Christian Historical/Suspense
Release Date: March, 2020

Evil Incarnate Leaves a Trail of Destruction across the Frontier

Book 5 in the True Colors series—Fiction Based on Strange-But True History

Rachel Taylor lives a rather mundane existence in 1797 at the way station her family runs along the Wilderness Road in Tennessee. She attends her friend Sally Rice’s wedding only to watch the marriage dissolve into horror has the groom, Wiley Harpe, and his cousin Micajah become murderers on the run, who drag their families along. Declaring a “war on all humanity,” the Harpes won’t be stopped, and Ben Langford is on their trail to see if his own cousin was one of their latest victims.

How many will die before peace can return to the frontier?

Click here for your copy.

My Review

The Blue Cloak continues the True Colors series, this time in the early days of Western Expansion in Kentucky and Tennessee.

This book begins with the author's cautionary words, because the tale is one of unthinkable brutality.  As gruesome as the Harpe's killing spree was, the author does spare the reader from any gory details, but not from the impact of the Harpe's actions.  They spread fear, horror, and misery wherever they went.

That niggling feeling that something is off?  That's how Rachel Taylor felt when her best friend Sally Rice married Wiley Harpe.  No one had any idea of the extent of the heinous crimes that Wiley would commit alongside his brother, Micajah Harpe.

Rachel and Ben were able to give Sally and her companions a measure of hope through their prayers and interactions.  Rachel and Ben had a sweet love story, which they had to put on hold until the Harpes were apprehended.

This was not a fun story to read, but it was a good story.  History buffs will appreciate this novel, as well as true crime enthusiasts.

I received an ARC of this novel through Celebrate Lit, for review purposes.  The thoughts expressed here are my own.

About the Author

Transplanted to North Dakota after more than two decades in Charleston, South Carolina, Shannon McNear loves losing herself in local history. She’s a military wife, mom of eight, mother-in-law of three, grammie of two, and a member of ACFW and RWA. Her first novella, Defending Truth in A Pioneer Christmas Collection, was a 2014 RITA® finalist. When she’s not sewing, researching, or leaking story from her fingertips, she enjoys being outdoors, basking in the beauty of the northern prairies. Connect with her at, or on Facebook and Goodreads.

More from Shannon

How dark is too dark for a Christian to write?

That was the question I wrestled with when deciding whether or not to take on the story of the Harpes. The histories in Scripture itself aren’t rated G, but writing fiction requires a level of detail and depth of emotion I wasn’t sure would be wise, or helpful, to explore in this case. But as I prayed and sought the counsel of those whose discernment I trust, the answer came back, overwhelmingly …

Is God stronger than the darkness, or not?

Well, of course He is. And nothing in human history has ever escaped His notice, or taken Him by surprise.

So, was there something redeeming to be found in the tale of the Harpes?

For the first few weeks of research, I walked around in a state of shock at the horror of the historical accounts, but details surfaced that helped me shape my fictional characters Rachel and Ben. With Rachel working in her family’s trading post near the wild frontier town of Knoxville, Tennessee, and Ben a lawyer who recently passed the bar, the real-life Hugh Lawson White provided a handy connection point between them. Many other details fell together in ways I had not foreseen when I began developing the story. Sally Rice Harpe, however, rose to the forefront. This was more her story than anyone’s, but realizing I couldn’t properly write the book without using her point of view? That was scary. I knew the moments I’d have to visit, some of them in real-time.

Despite the tragedy, however, I could see an overarching story of spiritual warfare. Felt a growing conviction that prayer must have played a vital role in bringing the Harpes’ reign of terror to an end. So it is my hope that against the backdrop of one of the most chilling episodes of our country’s early history, the hand of God shows clearly, and that yes, the reader finds it redemptive.

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