Thursday, April 9, 2020

Book Review: Mama Kisses, Papa Hugs by Lisa Tawn Bergren

About the Book

From the creator of the best-selling God Gave Us You comes a warm exploration of the ways parents show affection--and how it mirrors God's affection for his followers.

Parents are always looking out for the perfect bedtime book to create a sense of well-being before a night of rest. Mama Kisses, Papa Hugs explores a child's curiosity about how love is shown between parent and child, with the reassurance that Mama and Papa will always love their little one. And like Lisa Tawn Bergren's young protagonist asks his mother, this question is pressing on the minds of many children:

"Mama, how does God kiss us?"

Mama smiled. "He kisses us a hundred times a day; although if you don't pay attention, you might miss it."

"At night he kisses us with a shooting star. In the morning, he kisses us with sunlight, crawling across the fields and into our windows. On a hot summer afternoon, he kisses us with a gentle breeze. But most of all, he kisses us through our family. That's how God made us. That's why I give you Mama kisses."

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My Review

Mama Kisses, Papa Hugs is a sweet story that is perfect for bedtime!  It demonstrates how important affection is in families, and how God uses that affection to show His love for us.  The picture book  uses animal families as fun examples.  I especially appreciated the close relationship between parents and child that was exhibited throughout the story.

The illustrations were just right:  somewhat cartoon-y, yet realistic enough, especially with the animal families.   And while the illustrations were colorful, they were not too bright, which helped promote the bedtime theme.

This is a beautiful picture book that I recommend to young families.  It is one to add to your family library, because children will want to hear this story and lose themselves in the pictures over and over again.

I received an ARC excerpt of this book from the publisher, Waterbrook, for review purposes.  The thoughts expressed here are my own.

About the Author

Lisa Tawn Bergren is the best-selling author of over fifty novels, children's books, and nonfiction books. Lisa and her husband Tim reside in Colorado with their three big kids and a white, fluffy dog named Talisker Beatrice.

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