Monday, September 16, 2019

Book Review: Of Fire and Lions

About the Book

The Old Testament book of Daniel comes to life in this novel for readers of Lynn Austin's Chronicles of the Kings series or Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion series.

Survival. A Hebrew girl first tasted it when she escaped death nearly seventy years ago as the Babylonians ransacked Jerusalem and took their finest as captives. She thought she'd perfected in the many years amongst the Magoi and the idol worshippers, pretending with all the others in King Nebuchadnezzar's court. Now, as Daniel's wife and a septuagenarian matriarch, Belili thinks she's safe and she can live out her days in Babylon without fear--until the night Daniel is escorted to Belshazzar's palace to interpret mysterious handwriting on a wall. The Persian Army invades, and Bellili's tightly-wound secrets unfurl with the arrival of the conquering army. What will the reign of Darius mean for Daniel, a man who prays to Yahweh alone?

Ultimately, Yahweh's sovereign hand guides Jerusalem's captives, and the frightened Hebrew girl is transformed into a confident woman, who realizes her need of the God who conquers both fire and lions.

My Review

What a great book! This was the first book I've read by Mesu Andrews, and I am impressed. I was totally engrossed in the book the whole was through.

This book is why I love Biblical fiction. Even though I am familiar with the Biblical account, it is so amazing to walk through the story with the characters. To experience the horror of bloodshed and captivity, the hopelessness of servitude, and still live their lives to the fullest spoke highly of Daniel and Belilli. To watch with them God's miraculous care for His followers was faith-building for this reader. God was faithful throughout, and worthy of their devotion.

The story was epic as it followed the group of friends friends from 12-year-old captives being led out of Jerusalem, to the lives they established in Babylon. I truly enjoyed it and recommend it to fans of Biblical fiction and historical fiction.

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher, Waterbrook, for review purposes. The thoughts expressed here are my own.

About the Author

MESU ANDREWS is the Christy Award-winning author of Isaiah's Daughter and numerous other novels, including The Pharaoh's Daughter, Miriam, and Love Amid the Ashes. Her deep understanding of and love for God's Word brings the biblical world alive for readers. Mesu lives in North Carolina with her husband, Roy, and enjoys spending time with her growing tribe of grandchildren.

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