Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Book review: Emissary by Thomas Locke

Emissary is a fantasy novel that I enjoyed thoroughly!  Thomas Locke’s descriptions in the book were excellent and I kept thinking that I would love to see this made into a movie!  The story is about a young man, Hyam, who, when he comes of age, learns not only that he is an orphan with a questionable heritage, but that he has supernatural powers.  He immediately realizes that he must use those powers responsibly to fight the evil that is taking over the realm. Sadly, he must leave his home and everything he has known in order to do so.  I loved Hyam’s character.  As he meets others he is humble, respectful, and ready to serve.  He also knows that he doesn’t know it all and is willing to learn from others.  However, he is driven to complete his quest as it is revealed to him.

As a fantasy novel, it is filled with magic and wizardry, and many fantastical characters.  I tend not to read this genre, but knowing that it came from a Christian author and publisher, I read it at face value and enjoyed the story.  I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell in exchange for this honest review.

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